Steiner House

Est. 1971

(formerly Roosevelt House/Mayer House 1938-1971)

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Semicentennial (50th anniversary) Celebrations at Steiner House

Celebrating 85 years of Co-op in University Circle

As a Co-operative, for the past 80 years The Cleveland Student Housing Association, Inc. - a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization - has been providing affordable room and board  for Cleveland area graduate students from more than 70 countries. Our nearly 700 Alumni, now leaders around the world in music, business, art, law, education, the humanities, social sciences and medicine, have flourished because of what they learned by working, playing, and making life-changing decisions cooperatively with others from around the globe who differ greatly from their home culture.

Something for Every Visitor

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 Alumni can re-connect with old friends

Residents interact with other residents

 Find other Alumni who live or work near you

 Continue to support the Co-op's expansion.

Experience the World in Steiner House!

Our 20 Residents Currently Come From These Eight Countries:

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Scenes of Life in Steiner House:

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