Our Beautiful Steiner

Dear Steiner House Family:

On Monday morning I found myself waking up around 4 am, pondering about my house job that I needed to complete after having been granted an extension. I recalled feeling a bit anxious; knowing that I had to call our dear House Manager to come and inspect Bathroom 5 as soon as I was done. A part of me felt very annoyed: “Why do I have to call her after I’m done doing my house job? Was there no trust that I’d do a good enough job?” In spite of these thoughts running through my head, I proceeded to start the process of CLEANING my Bathroom 5.

At around 4:15 am, after finally having the energy to start moving, I gathered all the cleaning agents necessary: a broom and dust pan, a mop, three Scotch Brite sponges, a bottle of Clorox bleach spray, and a bucket of bleach, water, and Lysol multi-surface cleaner. I thought to myself; “I’ll show her just how perfect I can do my job…I’ll do it even better than she can!:-)” I proceeded to CLEAN!!!

As time passed, I found myself absorbed and immersed in the beautiful and tranquil process of CLEANING…I reflected on the night before that I spent with my beautiful Steiners, and how many of them were so happy to be among each other’s company. I thought: “Wow! We’re really like a family!:-)” Instead of thinking about outperforming our dear House Manager, my thoughts shifted to pleasing my dear family; My Dear Steiner House :) I reflected on the past few months, and just how appreciative I was, and still am, to be living in this house; my new home.

As I meticulously and carefully scrubbed the walls of Bathroom 5, my mind continued to wander: “Cleaning is truly an act of LOVE that not only rids the house of germs, but may also help to rid the mind and body of negative thoughts and toxins…” I was finally starting to be MINDFUL of the therapeutic and spiritual act of CLEANING!!! It started to make sense to me why our beloved House Manager was so passionate about her job; it wasn’t solely because she just loved a clean environment; but she actually CARES A LOT about the future and well-being of our home. As a former House Manager, I was admittedly a bit disappointed that I was not able to have as much PASSION and show as much LOVE to my Steiner House as our current House Manager. I remember being so conscientious about making people “happy,” even if it meant not confronting them at times when they did inadequate jobs; allowing them to DEVALUE the very HOME that has CONNECTED us and kept us healthy and safe. I thought how gifted and STRONG our House Manager must be in order to take on such a very demanding role with such a direct, yet very fair and objective personality. I remember her sharing stories with me about how certain people had given her a very hard time; being DISRESPECTFUL towards her…because she simply LOVES our home and wants to treat it with UTMOST RESPECT. The thought of that truly SADDENED me and made me quite UPSET: “If I knew who those people were, I’d show them!!! (>.<)” (so I thought…)

After wiping every surface area of Bathroom 5… except for the ceiling in which I could not reach, I proceeded into the shower with my third Scotch Brite sponge, heavily soaked in bleach. As I scrubbed the very floors of the shower, my aforementioned anger subsided as I continued the process of CLEANING…: “We really are BLESSED to have an AMAZING House Manager who can truly see the VALUE of our HOME, and who wants us to help her in preserving it.” I started to think too of all the other Managers of the house that volunteer their MUCH APPRECIATED time in making our HOME such a wonderful place to live. None of them are getting paid, yet they put the requisite time into their jobs because they CARE for our house and CARE for our Family! I also thought about those members who really love to cook, and have spent hours meticulously preparing their meals; “those SCAVENGERS (lol) should be very grateful and treat our cooks too with MUCH RESPECT.” 

At 6:30 am I was finally finishing up; ensuring that the floor of my Bathroom 5 was sparkling white before I gently laid the clean mats for my dear Bathroom 5 users :). The process of CLEANING can be so profound and enlightening when we take the time to just be MINDFUL of where we are NOW, and what we’re actually doing. I really am grateful for this experience and am very grateful more so for being a part of my current STEINER FAMILY We truly have been BLESSED with some AMAZING people who don’t realize just how much they truly MATTER…not only to me, not only to each other…but most importantly, to the legacy of OUR BEAUTIFUL STEINER.



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