Steiner House Co-op

Est. 1971

(formerly Roosevelt House/Mayer House 1936-1971)

Your donation could help keep Steiner House a beautiful and safe place to live for years to come!

Steiner House spent $28,290.48 on house repairs in 2017, as the building is now well more than 100 years old. Plumbing, electrical and building exterior repairs accounted for about one-third of the spending, with new room doors and locks and other interior demands consuming the rest. This year, we may not need to spend quite so much on interior work, but we now need to save tens of thousands of dollars for new energy-efficient windows throughout the house.

Help us keep Steiner House alive forever

Why Donate:

  1. Paint inside and outside
  2. Update each sleeping room
  3. Replace the roof
  4. New Furniture in the living Room
  5. Upgrade the Bathrooms
  6. Resurface the Driveway
  7. Paint and Carpet all Common Areas


Steiner House


11408 Bellflower Rd

Cleveland, OH 44106

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