Steiner House Co-op

Est. 1971

(formerly Roosevelt House/Mayer House 1936-1971)

Resident Testimonials!

Why current residents love living at Steiner House.

"I went from living alone to living in Steiner and it’s been my favorite semester so far. I’ve met such an incredible group of people that make life so fun."

"I have lived in cooperative housing before so I was looking for that environment when I was thinking about where to move. Steiner House is special for its international community. My favorite thing about Steiner House is all the learning I get from my friends as we share our cultures, food, beliefs, and traditions."

"When my friends ask about how I cope with boredom, I tell them I can't relate. At Steiner, I only need to go downstairs."

"You make friends apart from what you may have from your school. You get the opportunity to learn and live with different point of views. If get the chance to build your leadership skills. Finally, the house members are what is you have closest to a family in a foreign country."

"[I first heard about Steiner House when] one of my classmates invited me to a dinner – [Steiner House would] be a block away from where I took all of my graduate courses, so it was an easy yes. I arrived looking forward to good food – which is not usually within walking distance – and was greeted by not only that, but wonderful conversations had in the company of good people from many corner of the university, the city and the world. It was a bright spot in my graduate experience at Case Western, and in my living experience in Cleveland."

"I came for the community; the proximity, economy were like icing on the cake."

Community events in 2022 at Steiner House


Steiner House


11408 Bellflower Rd

Cleveland, OH 44106

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